Cremation Incinerator

Eco-friendly Traditional Cremation Incinerator

  • First of its kind technology that involves smokeless cremation of the body.
  • Savings in terms of wood consumption as it requires very less wood.
  • First of its kind high temperature burning above 1000°C with 100 percent sterilization.
  • The wheeled cart has stainless steel body with insulation for heat loss control and a tray beneath for ash removal.
  • This machine is towable (wheel mounted) can be taken anywhere as & when required
  • The Cart has primary and secondary hot air system for proper combustion.
  • The machine is compact in design hence useful in such areas having space constraint for cremation.
  • The body disposal is completed within 12 hrs including cooling as against 48 hrs in conventional pyres. It can be used again thus takes minimum time in cremation.


We are the leading Engineering Company of India engaged in the manufacturing steam boilers. We are employing 400 Engineers & 800 workforces. Our plant is spread over 30 Acers lush green land of Punjab near Chandigarh.

Objective: Let us respectfully perform the last rites for our fellow citizens and save our trees promoting this device called “NOBLE CAUSE”.

Target: To reach to all responsible citizens and institutions like lions club, rotary club, Board of director of resettlement, Temples, Gurudwaras, and other social working associations and NGOs.