INDIAN SKILLS DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (Govt. Regd. Orgn.) & ALL INDIA FIRE & DISASTER MANAGEMENT COUNCIL’S (Govt. Regd. Orgn.) AIFDMC Initiative towards NATION BUILDING through SKILL DEVELOPMENT Outreach Programmes to contribute to mobilizing 400 million youth, for SKILLS trainings, launched by the Govt. Of India, to mobilize underprivileged youth for skills training, in association with Delhi and Haryana Govt. Institutions, HARDICON ( owned by Govt. Financial Institutions, Industrial & Financial Corporations of Delhi & Haryana Govt.- a Joint Venture of Govt. Of India-owned IFCI Ltd., SIDBI, HSIIDC, HFC, DFC, PSU Banks and as per the directions and guidelines of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) & National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), for capacity building by the Ex- Senior Trainers and Consultants of NDMA & NIDM & National & State level entities..


ISD Council’s Vision

ISD Council’s Vision is to be an organization of choice implementing the best leadership training programs in various skills that brings to the learner and employer, the best learning opportunities to help them march ahead continuously in their journey, as individuals and organization.

ISD Council’s Mission

ISD Council’s Mission is to provide flexible qualifications that enable the learners to achieve their goals, by enhancing their knowledge and skills, & further get valued by employers as providers of quality learned resources. ISD Council is dedicated to the advancement of professional, literary, and practical knowledge required, and the training programs are certified by 100% government entities.ISD Council, ISO 45001:2018 certified body lets the students learn to explore problems and solutions from many directions and experience the multiplying effect of one great mind upon another. We give strong emphasis to Teamwork, Leadership Skills & Problem-Solving attitude to make the student a perfect match for the jobs available.